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Friday, December 2, 2011

Music Makes Me Want To Dance - David Carroll

Cry Of The Wild Goose
Music Makes Me Want To Dance
David Carroll
Mercury Records MG 20926

One of Carroll's great and groovy light pop albums!

I Love You - Bobbi Martin

One For My Baby
I Love You
Bobbi Martin
Coral Records CRL 57478

You can find a Martin compilation CD online. There are some tunes from this album released on that CD even though the more "space age" tracks seems to have been passed over in favor of her more traditional "country"style songs.

Enjoy the sample!

Hawaiian Percussion - Billy Mure

Sleep Walk
Hawaiian Percussion
Billy Mure
Strand Elite SL 1010

Here's another great Mure album featuring Command label (Enoch Light) inspired minimalist cover art.

Hawaiian War Chant
Pink Hawaii
Song Of The Islands
Hawaiian Paradise
On The Beach At Waikiki
I Found My Wahine
Hawaiian Drums
Blue Hawaii
Sleep Walk
Sweet Leilani
Drifting And Dreaming

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dancing On The Sunset Strip - Dick Stabile

Ballet Bleu
Dancing On The Sunset Strip
Dick Stabile His Saxaphone And Hollywood Orchestra
King 623

From the back cover: Cover photo by Bert C. Mitteman. Photo was shot in the main lounge of "Dino's Lodge", the fabulous new eatery on the Sunset Strip, owned by Dean Martin. Surrounding Dick are four of Hollywood's loveliest showgirls and songstress Besty Duncan.

Stabile worked with Dean Martin from 1949 until Martin's death. Read more on Stabile's wiki page.

The set appears to be a reissue of Dick Stabile Plays For You (Bethlehem Records - Cincinnati, Ohio).

Poor Butterfly
We'll Be Together Again
For You
Do I Love You
My Fate Is In Your Hands
Broadway Beat
Oh Baby
Ballet Bleu
Without A Song
I'm Glad There Is You
Man With A Horn
I Lead A Charmed Life

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

South Sea Moods - The South Seacombers

Vahine Paumoto
South Sea Moods
The South Seacombers
RCA LSP-1698

I don't know who The South Seacombers were. There is no info on the jacket and nothing that jumps out at me online.

This is one sedate, laid back "Hawaiian" album. As such, it stands out amongst the many others I've listened to. Pleasant stuff with a light hint of period "exotica" sound.

There are many fine tracks on this album.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Conflict - Phil Kraus

Phil Kraus Presents Conflict
A High Fidelity Percussion
Golden Crest Records CR 4004

I couldn't pin down the release date on this gem. My guess, 1959.

Looking at the cover art, I had no idea what to expect from the recording. The majority of the LP comes across as "minimalist" or "experimental". Side one features a a piece composed by Douglas R. Allan (...a fantasy for six percussion which tells the story of a Civil War battle). Kriss-Kraus is one of the more "traditional" or period sounding "pop" pieces from side two.

I'm not sure this is everyone's cup of tea, but I enjoyed it!

Read about Kraus on

Paradise Found - Felix Slatkin

Paradise Found
Paradise Found
Recorded In Hawaii
The Fantastic Strings Of Felix Slatkin
Liberty Premier LSS 14001

Here's another expensive Liberty gate-fold package that includes a die cut cover and a page of color printing on the inside.

Slatkin made some of Liberty's more conservative sounding sets.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Emotions - The Mystic Moods Orchestra

The Mystic Moods Orchestra
Philips PHS 600-277

Available for purchase/download so I won't be posting a sample.

This is another excellent Mystic Moods album. Mystic Moods recordings blended environmental sounds and excellent easy listening arrangements to create albums that play almost as a single recording, rather than a collection of songs. Excellent space age stuff!

Off The Cuff - Bobby Dukoff

Off The Cuff
Bobby Dukoff
Vik LX-1105

This one is available for purchase/download, so I will not be posting a sample.

This is a surprisingly good early space age easy listening album. Good horn work by Dukoff built on a light jazz foundation, backed up by the Dooosss and Ooohhhsss of a few female vocalists. Fun stuff.

Impact - Buddy Morrow

Buddy Morrow
RCA Victor LSP-32042

This one is available on CD so I will not be posting a sample.

From the album title to the cover image and the songs covered this album promised to deliver the goods.

However, the approach is a conservative one. Too bad... great cover!

Songs Of The Congo

Songs Of The Congo
EPIC LF 18005

Recorded in The Congo.

Mexico Party - Los Tijuana Mariachis

Put On Your Dancing Slippers
Mexico Party
Los Tijuana Mariachis
Europa E 148

Groovy brass album from a German publisher (operated by Somerset owner D. L. Miller) featuring cover copy printed in English.

Around The World In Percussion - Louis Bellson

Oriental Spice
Around The World In Percussion
Louis Bellson His Drum And Orchestra
Roulette Records R 65002

This is a fine big band/jazz space age percussion album featuring Herb Geller, Willie Green, Joe Maini, Buddy Colette, Martin Berman, John Audio, Jimmy Zito, Van Rasey, Ray Triscari, Fred Thompson, Nick Di Maio, Tommy Pederson, Dick Gould, Mike Barone, Arthur Maebe, Red Callender, Jimmy Bond, Morty Corb, Tony Rizzi, Bill Pitman, Paul Smith, Lou Singer and Gene Estes.

Fantastic Themes - Felix Slatkin

Brass Pizzicato

Fantastic Themes
The Fantastic Strings Of Felix Slatkin
Liberty Premier LMM-13021

Liberty's upscale product feature Poly 120 Sound (or a heavy grade vinyl) and expensive gate fold jacket featuring a die-cut cover (there is a square hole punched through the cover that allows the photo of the instrument head stocks to peek through).

Released and marketed side-by-side with Martin Denny's Exotica Suite and 50 Guitars Visit Hawaii.

This is a pretty straight forward orchestrated easy-listening that doesn't take many chances.